Explosion Robinson is a creative audio post-production studio that produces original music, sound design, and sonic identities for advertising, television, film and digital media. Collaboration is front and center with our clients. We will work with you and your team to create and curate all aspects of the audio of your project and make it sound the best it can on all of today’s platforms. We are a single source for all things audio; from sound design and mixing, to voiceover casting and original music.


The studio is a hybrid of analog and digital, because sometimes technology from the past just does the job better. We use analog gear and hardware for signal flow, warmth, character, and harmonics; software for precision, synergy, and recallability.  The studio has an array of seven pairs of speakers to monitor mixes, giving more points of reference to reveal how a mix will sound on a laptop or a sound bar, a Bluetooth speaker, or a home theater. Our studio is a fully floated and isolated mix room that is designed to keep focus on the accuracy of the mixes.


Stephen Hermann is an award-winning sound designer, music producer, and mixer with over 25 years experience in the industry. Since founding Explosion Robinson in 2004, he has created the sonic signature for multiple television networks, produced music for hundreds of commercials, and sound designed and mixed thousands more. He works regularly with producers, directors, agencies and brands to tell their stories and engage viewers by providing audio to accurately represent ideas and sound the best it can.

When not in the studio maneuvering about his current projects, Stephen can be found listening to records with his 1 year old daughter, field recording wherever he is vacationing, and searching for more additions to his ever expanding record collection.