Alexandra Young Producer / Casting Director

Alexandra Young

Alex has managed musical artists since her days of trading techno mix tapes in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco. While attending UC Berkeley, she booked and produced live events for Berkeley’s Greek Theater and Zellerbach Hall, bringing such notable acts as Sufjan Stevens and Modest Mouse to the Bay Area. After college, she hit the road as an international tour manager for Third Eye Blind, Chris Brown, and New Kids on the Block–a childhood fantasy for nearly every kid born in the 80’s. With the rockstar lifestyle behind her she settled down in NYC and now puts her diverse experience to work as our producer and casting director. Alex has overseen hundreds of projects including voice casting for two award-winning video games for X-Box, and music supervision for entire networks. In addition to her work at Explosion Robinson, Alex also reports and produces for Radiolab, a Peabody-awarded radio show that’s broadcasted by 500+ stations nationwide. Alex’s enthusiasm for great challenges has driven her to being chased by moray eels 60 feet underwater, secretly visiting North Korea, and knitting a sweater for nearly everyone she knows, (even a Moog!).