Stephen Hermann Founder / Creative Director

Stephen Hermann

Stephen began making music over 20 years ago. He cut his chops on the cusp of digital recording starting with a 4 track cassette recorder that was quickly replaced by a beige Mac and midi keyboard. From four tracks, to eight tracks, to as many tracks as his computer could handle, Stephen was obsessed. In 1997 he moved to New York and started making music under the name Explosion Robinson. With one full length release under his belt he began working with networks and ad agencies, and the name stuck. Over the years he has played on and produced numerous projects and bands, most notably Anthem Facility, Sukpatch, and The Cannanes. His music has appeared on HBO’s Entourage and he has created the sonic signature for 3 television networks. From designing and wiring the two-room facility that is now Explosion Robinson’s home, to mixing thousands of spots for television, he never tires of the studio. When he is not pushing faders and turning knobs in Studio A you can find him digging in crates of jamaican 45s, hiking with a field recorder in the Badlands, or painting canvases.



Selected Discography

Dr. Version, Small Batch Remixes, exroFM (2013)

The Cannanes, Small Batch EP, exroFM (2012)

Anthem Facility, Trace EP, exroFM (2010)

The Cannanes, Trouble Seems So Far Away, Slabco (2003)

Sukpatch, Haulin’ Grass and Smokin’ Ass, Slabco (1996)