Explosion Robinson is an award-winning audio post-production studio based in Orlando, FL.  We produce original music, sound design and sonic identities for advertising, television, film and digital media. Some of our clients include Nickelodeon, Hulu, Vh1, Sesame Street, Intel, Grey, Hasbro, and Esteé Lauder.   

We work with our partners in a collaborative manner, helping to create and curate the sonic identity of their projects, and to ensure maximum quality across all platforms. From sound design and mixing, to voiceover casting and original music, consider us a one-stop shop for all your audio needs.


The studio is a hybrid of analog and digital, because sometimes technology from the past does the job better. We use analog gear and hardware for signal flow, for warmth, character, and harmonics; software for precision, synergy, and recall-ability. The studio has an array of seven speakers to monitor mixes, giving more points of reference revealing how a mix will sound, or a song will be heard; on a laptop or a sound bar, a Bluetooth speaker, or a home theater. Our studio is a fully floated and isolated mix room that is designed to keep focus on the accuracy of the mixes.


Stephen Hermann is an award-winning sound designer, music producer, and mix engineer with over 25 years experience in the industry. In the 90’s he was signed to the indie label Slabco Records a deal with Sony Music Publishing, and The Beastie Boy’s label Grand Royal. His projects include Sukpatch, Explosion Robinson, (his band name before starting the company), and a few records with the legendary indie pop sensation The Cannanes. More recently he has written and produced the band Anthem Facility,  featuring vocals by Melati Malay of Young Magic, as well as a few songs with singer-songwriter Marcus Harmon.

Since founding Explosion Robinson in 2004, he has created the sonic signature for multiple television networks, produced music for hundreds of commercials, and sound designed and mixed thousands more. He works regularly with producers, directors, agencies and brands tell their stories and engage viewers by making the content sound the best it can.


Sound Design
Custom Music
Sonic Branding
Music Supervision
Stereo Mix to Picture
Voice Over Casting
Voice Over Record
Podcast Production



2023 – “Algiers America” on Hulu
2020 – La ENA – “Official Selection” Cannes International Pan-African Film Festival 
2019 – La ENA “Best Documentary Feature” Nova Frontier Film Festival
2019 –  i-D VICE “What’s in a Pronoun” Feature
2019 – T.O.Webfest – “Short Term Rental” Web Series – Official Selection
2019 – Seattle International Film Festival – “Short Term Rental” Web Series
2018 – Promax Gold – “Nickelodeon Rebrand Refresh”
2018 – Promax Silver – “Nickelodeon Winter Campaign”
2017 – Clio Silver – “Nickelodeon Brand Refresh”
2017 – Shoot Magazine: “Nickelodeon’s Winter Refresh”
2017 – Hollywood Reporter: “Nickelodeon Unveils Brand Refresh”
2016 – Daytime Emmy Award – This American Life “Videos 4 U: Tattoos”
2015 – Field Notes “Write” Featured In Forbes
2015 – TriBeCa Film Festival – Best Narrative Short “The Statistical Analysis of …”
2015 – Vimeo Staff Pick – This American Life “Videos 4 U: Tattoos”
2014 – Athens Film Festival “Award for Best Use of Sound: What Cheer?”
2014 – New York Shorts Fest – Best of New York: “What Cheer”
2013 – USA Premier of The Cannanes “Crawler”
2013 – Spin Magazine Premier of The Cannanes “Bumper”
2012 – Promax Bronze – “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4” – Best of Original Music
2012 – Creativity Media Awards (Silver) – “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4” 
2012 – One Show Awards (Bronze) – “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 Launch Spot”
2010 – Clio Award Shortlist – “Trace” Dell Inspiron